Registration and Costs

Memberships and Prices

BMX riders are required to be registered with BMXA. BMXA Registration covers license, insurance and affiliation with BMXA and membership with Red Centre BMX.

To register a new rider, everything is available online.

Online Memberships

BMX Australia memberships can be done online through their website. Please click on the link here.

Other Costs

  • Friday night club racing $10 per rider - $7 for mini wheelers
  • Training Cards Available
  • Number Plates $20 each plus $1 per number
  • Club Jerseys price TBA upon ordering

Sports Vouchers can be used towards all of the above costs – except for training donations

No rider can take the track unless their licence and membership is current, due to insurance reasons.Come and Try days excluded



An open membership allows you to ride at any club in Australia, including carnivals and events. This membership does not include freestyle.

4 Month Licence

The aim of this introductory membership is to allow new riders unlimited access to try BMX for 4 months before joining the sport permanently. The below guidelines provide further information on the membership:

  • This membership is an open membership and therefore members can ride at club and state level, however will not be eligible to ride at State Titles and National events
  • Following the 4 month introductory period the member is then eligible to become a full member (only Open or Sprocket)
  • Only new riders can apply for this membership (no renewals)

Add Value

MTBA/CA members submit a completed Add Value Membership Form direct to BMXA, or their BMX Club, together with a photocopy of their current MTBA/CA license (must have least 3 months validity remaining on their primary membership) and pay $40 to BMXA.

Volunteer Membership - Free

All volunteers (including club/ state officials) can become members of BMX Australia and fall under our insurance, for free of charge. A membership card will be issued but this does not allow the volunteer to race Club Transfer - Free

Any member with current membership or expired within two years wishing to transfer between clubs is required to complete a Transfer Form. At any stage a rider can transfer to a different club within Australia for free.